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We design everything from a one-word logo, a two-page marketing flyer, a 64 page magazine and everything in between

Services | Branding

We specialise in logotypes and typographic branding

We work with start-ups, scale-ups and established businesses...
Flint & Cook Old Logo
Flint & Cook New Logo
Services | Social

We create scroll-stopping, graphics that engage audiences and grow brands

We use design, brand and strategy to help businesses standout on social media...
Ely old social media graphic
Ely new social media graphic
Services | Marketing

We help take your marketing to the next level

We arrange words in such a way it makes them clear, legible, visually appealing and communicate your messages...
 Marches HR Flyer Before
Marches HR Flyer After

Over the last 25 years we have designed just about everything, from the humble marketing flyer to directional signage for an event on five floors of a New York hotel!

If you have a project you want to discuss, we're happy to talk

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