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Don't miss a marketing opportunity with a Zoom branded background?

Are you missing a marketing opportunity to keep your brand in the sight and the mind of your customers? A custom branded background helps promote your business, services and products.


Backgrounds for a specific meeting/event/interview

Why not have different backgrounds for different meetings? This will not only help promote your business name, but in some cases, a particular message specific to the meeting.


System requirements for Virtual Background


Changing your Virtual Background


Lighting for zoom meetings


Standard-style video background

Leave Enough Space for Your Portrait If you have some significant objects in your video background, it is better to place them in the negative space. In most cases, it would be the top corners and some space on the sides.


Reporter-style video background

Picture yourself in the middle of a busy city during your video conferences with this reporter-style virtual background. Need a bit more freedom? If you move to one side during your call, you leave much more space for your background, and you have more freedom placing objects in there. You may place the text on the left or right, and then sit in a way that your portrait takes the other half of the screen.


If you’d like some help with creating a branded virtual background for your business or organisation, get in contact on 01981 541154 or email


Happy Zooming!

Richard, Character Design

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